How it Works
The core of an apple is NOT always in the center of the apple, but it is always vertically between the stem hole and calyx.

PASS holds the apple between two (2) pins vertically, not around the outside diameter.

- A coring tube descends through the apple and isolates the core.
- A ram (not shown) pushes the apple through the slicing blades, into an antioxidant bath.
- The tube and ram retract and the core is discarded by an air blast.
- No part of the edible portion of the apple is ever touched by machinery.
- No cores, seeds, stems or other debris enter the bath.
It's More Important Than you Think !
Consider the distorted apple on the left. See how far off center the core is ?  Now watch the video clip below, showing the most
distorted apple
variety of all,
Red Delicious
being perfectly
cored and sliced...

...yet each wedge
is surgically
perfect !

the core --->

"...we don't hold the apple and remove the core,
we hold the core and remove the apple..."